iSurf iYoga Brand Ambassador Director


Lover of surf, yoga, nature, road trips, healthy food, tasty beer, happy humans, honest humans, insightful humans, friends, family, playing music, snowboarding, happy moments, skateboarding, cribbage, basketball, reading, tennis, new courses, permaculture, sustainable living, warm weather, glassy waves, trees, fresh vegetables, travelling, photography, public speaking, confidence, humility, mountains, the wild, solitude, Spanish and a whole whack of other things!!!


Cydney has explored and surfed in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Washington, Oregon, California, Vancouver Island, Nootka Island, Indonesia and The Phillipines.  Surfing took ahold of Cydney’s life while she was busy working a “professional” job at a wealth management firm in Vancouver. Many days at her desk were spent researching surf breaks and day dreaming about surf/yoga trips.  After returning back to her day job from a 2 week surf and yoga adventure to Nicaragua it was clear Cyd needed to leave her job.  She then taught yoga full time for surf and yoga retreat, Surf with Amigas in Nicaragua, El Salvador and the Phillipines.  A pending marriage to her dream man brought her back to Vancouver.  This past Feb-July Cyd and her husband, Ben lived and worked in  Nicaragua together.  While Ben helped at the eco resort he also worked his job from Vancouver remotely and Cydney managed eco resort, taught yoga, did professional photography and guided surf trips.  Locally, Cydney loves to be a part of rad Canadian surf events like Queen of the Peak and the Surfcam Christmas Classic on Vancouver Island. 


Since Cydney first started practicing yoga, she has felt the practice balance her out and increase her levels of patience, presence and compassion.  Yoga really took ahold for her once she found the ability to tune into exactly what her body needed at different times.  Also, the ability to connect yoga and surf brought an entirely new element to the practice and she is continually exploring how the two can benefit and balance one another.  Cyd loves teaching yoga part time and where she can offer the lifestyle of surf and yoga combined.  In Vancouver city she has strong ties to Semperviva Yoga Studios where she is currently finishing up her 500 hour teacher training certificate.  Abroad you can find her under palapas, on the beach and in random fields breathing and stretching.                         

photo credit:  Jordan Junck