iSurf iYoga Founder & Director


Marketer, writer, teacher and professional nomad. After surfing and practicing yoga for over 13 years, Stacey wanted to create a site that would connect the surf yoga community and help them find their next adventure easily, with quality trips to choose from. Having worked as a teacher and a marketing professional for a Fortune 500 company, she decided to combine her passions & business background to hatch this little dream called iSurf iYoga. Other loves: time with family and friends, sustainability (especially alternative energy), the art of storytelling (reading and writing), traveling, raw food cheffing, ocean, sailing, kombucha, cacao, mountain biking, dancing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, nature, turtles, and nerding out on Sci-fi movies.


My first day of surfing was epic from start to finish. I was on a road trip down the coast of California with my friend Brett and we met up with her friend, professional surfer Dan Malloy. He taught us our first lesson one sunny day in Malibu (see my blog entry about it here). The conditions were perfect for beginners with smaller sets roling in with lots of time in between each wave. He was stoked watching us both stand up on our first attempt and riding the wave all the way to shore (epic moment #1). After we went with Dan, his brother Chris, Jack Johnson & his wife to a Ben Harper concert (epic moment #2) and apres concert went backstage to witness Jack & Ben meeting each other for the first time (epic moment #3). No wonder I fell in love with surfing!! Since then surfing has driven many of my life decisions like moving to El Salvador in 2002 to teach and to Australia for a few years as well. Along with the amaZENg experiences I’ve had riding waves, I’m stoked on the lifestyle. Surfing will have you traveling and meeting new people, bonding with strangers over surf talk - even if you don’t speak the same language - and getting up to adventures you've never dreamed of. Surfing has led me all over: Indonesia, Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Central America and surfed both coasts of the USA. Now living back on the West Coast of Canada, I’ve rekindled my love for cold water surfing and enjoying blending in with the sea lions in my 5mm.


My gateway into yoga came from Eoin Finn’s Power Yoga (on VHS!!) which I used for a year before actually attending a class in real-time. After years of practicing I stumbled across my future yoga teacher training facilitators on a trip to Costa Rica. I did a transformational Yoga Teacher Training course with them through School Yoga Institute and from that decided to showcase reputable YTTs on our website as well. I’m not stuck on any one style of yoga; I’m in love with all the budding forms of yoga, including the ‘B’ word (Bikrams) in recent years, which is a fantastic way to stay loose out of the water. All styles are wondrous in their own right. The craziest place I found myself practicing was on a solo jungle trek in Borneo and got a bit spooked. I stopped, did some sun salutations and calmed down before continuing on. So far, along with a meditation practice, yoga has been the most powerful influence on my spiritual development.