School Yoga Institute

Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

Dates for the Mexico RYT 200 Sadhana YTTC

May 1st - 21st, 2015

The soul of SchoolYoga Institute (SYI) is an extended family of yoga teachers and practitioners who have deeply experienced the beauty and ancient wisdom of yoga and who feel inspired to share that wisdom with others. SYI values all the yoga traditions and intends to facilitate personal growth and transformation. In this way yoga comes off the mat and into the art of everyday living.

"We see the oneness in all and the unity in diversity."

SYI shares their understanding of the ancient scriptures, such as Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta, Upanishad, Tantric Yoga, Mayan Prophecies, Greek Mythology, and Lao Tze’s Dao Te Ching, as well as modern spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama, and others. Most importantly, they share their understanding of how to integrate these concepts into your daily practice in the form of health, healing, and transformation.

Our intention is to guide aspirants through their own healing journey in order to better prepare them for healing others, letting go of anything that holds them back from what their hearts are truly called to. Together we unveil the essence, learning to taste the sweet nectar of life while maneuvering in the world with strength and grace.

SYI offers yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreats around the world, in China, Tibet, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Bali, Greece, Switzerland and the United States. Trainings are typically 21- to 28-day intensives, allowing participants to be fully immersed in the yogic environment for the duration of their education with us. SYI also offer longer trainings, over periods of between one month and six months. When not traveling abroad, our facilitators share yoga and healing in various contexts, including yoga studios, workshops, and retreats.

SYI is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) at 200- and 500-hour levels with Yoga Alliance. They honor integrity and high standards for yoga teacher preparation programs.  SchoolYoga Institute introduces healing arts from across the world to yoga teacher training programs and daily practice. SYI prepares qualified and inspired yoga teachers and healing practitioners.


SchoolYoga Institute was originally formed by yogi and educator Vedantin Ping Luo to bring yoga into the California school system. Since then, SYI has expanded its vision to include international Yoga Teacher Training Courses.  Vedantin is an experienced yoga teacher, who has been teaching yoga and training yoga teachers around the world for many, many years, he is also a certified integrative herbalist by School of Integrative Herbology, a master practitioner of Shamanic Reiki energy healing, and a university professor who teaches holistic health.  Vedantin has studied extensively with a myriad of gurus from many traditions, including BNS Iyengar, Sri Patabhi Jois, Tim Miller, Berle Bender Birch, and David Swenson. Through years of experience, he has found that a true guru resides right in his heart.  Vedantin has also been studying Shamanic Healing for a long period of time and was fortunate enough to study Ancient medicine intensively with medicine men and women in the high Andes and the Amazon jungle in Peru and Bolivia. He has been blessed and initiated as an earth keeper and medicine shaman by the medicine elders and he continues to embark on the journey of healing as a medicine keeper of the earth.

Join the SYI Family!

To take part in a SchoolYoga Institute training is to join the SYI worldwide family of teachers and practitioners who together share this life-changing practice with others.  They support alumni through a network, and actively encourage graduates to continue their path with SYI in whatever form that might take.  They welcome those who are called to take their journey further and guide others on their yoga path, through stepping into the role of SYI Facilitator.  The SYI Apprentice Facilitator program gives teachers an opportunity to step into the light and hold space during our RYT-200 courses, potentially joining our strong team of Facilitators sharing this practice all over the world.

May 1 2015 - May 21 2015 starting from $2398 per person
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Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

Present Moment Retreat

Come to Present Moment Retreat and take part in their Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training & Cleansing Retreat. This is a life enhancing, transformative experience where you will learn meditation, pranayama, asana, cleansing, shamanic philosophy, application of yogic theory and much more. We believe that the best way to learn Yoga is by living Yoga. Thus, they have developed an experiential curriculum where you will live a yogic life for three weeks while learning the theory behind the practice.

This is a unique program due to its incredible venue and in its emphasis on shamanic healing and holistic cleansing. The cleansing focuses on all aspects of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) in order to reveal your truest self so that you can step onto the mat as a yoga teacher who guides from the pure essence of your Heart and from your connection to Spirit.  Realize your inner stillness and access the wisdom that resides deep in your heart and soul. Awaken the power of your spirit while living in an eco-friendly paradise on the coast of Mexico.