In the Flow with Kevin Paris & Oscar Del Amor

Aug 25, 2015

I love how connected everything is. As I’m humming a song called Lokah Samastah while making breakfast, the musician singing the sweet melody messaged me about the upcoming release of his new song, “Rise Up.” Kevin Paris, a yoga musician from LA has been gracing classes with many well-known yoga teachers with his super uplifting tunes and incredibly soulful voice. I’ve become absolutely addicted to his music, for my chill time, my at-home yoga practice and pretty much any time I want to get in a better mood. I was excited to have a listen and learn about a new collaboration with Oscar Del Amor.

I met Kevin at Wanderlust Oahu 2014, during one of the most epic days of my life. It was the highlight of the entire festival for me (and I found out later for Kevin too): meeting the dude himself, Donavon Frankenreiter. We met at a surfing lesson 'for beginners' instructed by Donavon (yet we both secretly knew how to surf - cheeky!). Somehow we both ended up having breakfast with him afterwards with a couple others from the class - lucky!!

You couldn’t take the smile off my face, especially after bumping into Donavon later that evening in the elevator, he said, “That was fun this morning” (I nearly buckled). So there were two awesome things: meeting a long-time role model AND I had made a new friend. You know you’re meant to be friends when you happen to be on the same flight over to Maui days later. We swapped stories about our love of music, yoga, and got into some pretty philosophical convos.

Another magical moment happened on Maui when I attended a yoga class where Kevin was performing. It was beautiful and flow-y, an incredible experience. It’s like when you’re watching an Oscar-winning performance by a really great actor, where you get so absorbed into the character you forget who the actor even is. Kevin played in perfect harmony with the vibes of the class, so much that he was almost a part of the air surrounding us; you didn’t notice him but the music flooded our practice with so much love. Each new tune accompanied every movement perfectly, sweetly and lovingly. I was completely blissed out afterwards.

Good_People_Cover_Art.jpgWhen I returned home with one of Kevin’s CD's, “Good People, Land and Sea,” it became a staple, accompanying me in my car everywhere. Like my Bob Marley, I can put it on repeat forever and never tire of it; these songs bury into your heart and manifest themselves when you need them.

Now Kevin has teamed up with talented music producer and DJ - Oscar Del Amor, fusing singer-songwriter roots with melodic house music. I interview Kevin & Oscar and include a teaser of their new lyric video (full video is set to release on September 1st). Be sure to check out their links provided under the video to discover more great tunes.

Interview with Kevin Paris & Oscar Del Amor:

1. What’s your music like as a band?
K: Acoustic, singer-songwriter roots bursting with deep grooves and feel-good electronic production.

2. How did you two meet?
O:  We met at a yoga studio in Hollywood-  Kevin serendipitously happened to be playing for the class I went to that day.  We swapped contact info and the rest exploded into music.


Photo Cred: Mike Danenberg

3. Where are you from & where are you based?
K:  From Milwaukee, based in LA.
O: From Chicago, based in LA

4. Who are a few of your top music influences or inspirations?
K:  Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver).
O:  Daft Punk, Orbital, Muse, Sublime and Autograf

KPODA2.jpg5. What made you want to create a new genre by fusing acoustic, singer-songwriter music with EDM?
O:   It was natural… We never really thought about it.  I played Kevin some rough tracks I was working on, and as soon as we got to work on some original material it was like we knew exactly where the music should go.

6. Kevin, why do you call yourself a “yoga musician?”
K:  I say it to describe what a big part of my offering has been-- playing live music for over 200 classes every year in recent years all around the world. Basically, as a yoga musician, I harness music as medicine to create a live musical backdrop which supports and enhances a yoga practice, experience, flow, meditation, vibe, depth, fun and connection for those attending.

7. Kevin, what inspired you initially to approach yoga teachers to play for their students?

K:  My first teacher in the US had an amazing playlist which completely shifted my practice by really helping connect me to my heart, emotions, breath, self and practice as a whole.  I felt how music shifted my experience so fully, and knowing I could play many of the songs on the playlist, I asked to collaborate with her one day. We did, and I knew instantly I wanted to do it regularly. It’s such a powerful, medicinal intersection for music.

8. How has surfing or surf culture influenced your music?
O: When you look at the roots of the music we love, so many of them are surfers (ex. Sublime, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Ben Harper).  In the EDM world too, many of the top tropical & melodic house producers are influenced directly from the surf & ocean culture (Kygo, Thomas Jack, etc). I love the beach boys, I wore Van’s shoes for years… those were some of my favorites.  Surf culture is everywhere. If you've ever gestured the Shaka or worn Vans, Billabong or Quicksilver, listened to Sublime or Jack Johnson, or used a GoPro, you’ve been influenced by surf culture. I'm from Chicago, so to be in in a place where much of the culture began here in Venice, CA is amazing. We embrace that, the ocean, the community, going with the waves, and are grateful to be a part of it.

thumbnail_kevin_oscar.jpg9. What are some favorite venues for you to play at, where you feel completely present/in your element/in the moment?
K:  We love playing festivals.  Being outdoors playing in nature with such big energy and so many people is magic.  Coming both from music & yoga roots, one of my favorites is Wanderlust Festival which focuses on music, yoga & nature at the core.  That said, there’s also so much magic in intimate, 20-100 person gigs.  We like it all from chill acoustic sets to epic dance parties.  2016 will bring a ton of both.

Now your sneak peek to their new lyric video "Rise Up" (full video to be released September 1st, 2015):

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Also check out "Rise Up" on iTunes!!!

Where else can you connect with Kevin & Oscar?
FB/IG/TW/SC: /@KevinParisMusic
FB/IG/TW/SC: /@OscarDelAmor

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