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Aug 31, 2014


Bliss - the space between 

The energy exerted during surfing and yoga can be pretty intense but at the same time short-lived, depending on the surf conditions and the style of yoga practiced.  Our fast-paced culture encourages addictions to high-impact activities, yet is the time in between poses and catching rides that are often the most fulfilling experiences you'll have.  

Feeling waves move underneath your board while waiting for the next set or watching Finding Nemo'esque scenes unfold (realizing you’re actually a part of it!) feels pretty sweet.  So does tapping into your breath laying in savasana after getting into a really deep pose.  It's like what they say, what matters is the space between us - the words unspoken, our moments of silence.  The same holds true for yoga and surfing.  

The greatest benefits can be reaped while you practice connecting to the moments in between the 'work.'  The asanas were developed by early yogis for the purpose of bringing us into Samadhi or enlightenment, which can come after the pose.  So we understand the really juicy part of yoga is in the stillest (moments).  In these moments you find yourself suspended in the flow, kind of like being suspended in water - weightless, nurtured and part of the whole/not separate from the rest of the world.  

And you're in the flow.  You've found this blissful, nurturing feeling of connectedness - you feel lighter and have more energy.  

Where is it found?  In the deepest part of your breath, the gentle movements in nature, the quietest moments you can('t) hear, or the string of tones when a bird is singing - the sound of it's wings flapping - and the heavenly connection of light to our eyes and the warmth of the rays against our skin. 

The next time your are out on your board or mat - practice stillness to be more present; connect deeply to yourself and your breath every chance you get.  


Three Reasons to seek the space between

Increase your mental clarity
When you calm the mind you're able to make better decisions: "I choose to enjoy this moment on my mat or alternatively "I choose to stay in this stressful feeling" (- seems silly that we choose the latter most of the time, but we do).  See things for how they are rather than how you perceive them: the waves might actually be smaller or less scary than you think.

Increase your stamina
Less energy spent on trying to force something rather than go with the flow: the waves of the ocean and the energy of movement through your asanas equates to more prana/energy for your next movement with less chance of burning out quickly.

Decrease your stress
The moment you let go and allow yourself to sit in stillness, be a part of the silence and witness your own being connected to the world around you - that's the beautiful moment when you allow all the billions of cells in your body to rejuvenate, taking in their own good energy to keep you feeling happy, less stressed-out.

Instead of looking to the next wave or asana to ‘push yourself' or 'get somewhere,’ simply enjoy these moments of nothingness, sit in the seat of your soul and absorb it all: the blood rushing around your body releasing things unknown, nourishing all your cells and filling you up with prana.  Surfers & yogis know this feeling very well: it's the 5 letter B word that doesn't offend - BLISS.

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Stacey Jones

Profile_stacey.jpgMarketer, Writer, Teacher.  Having been a yogi and surfer for over a decade, Stacey decided to attend a surf yoga retreat.  She found it time-consuming sorting out which retreat to attend and who to support with her hard-earned money. From this hatched iSurf iYoga, a website for wave-sliding yoginis to come together to share their journeys and where they can easily find inspiring, sustainable adventures. Other passions: mountain biking, skiing, boarding (all kinds), raw food, turtles, chocolate, Sci-fi and traveling.  She fell in love with traveling on a four month trip to South East Asia on her first adventure 14 years ago. "Just like the experience of surfing the first time, I felt like I came alive."

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