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Sep 15, 2014

#Hashtag your way around the world

As a marketing professional, you become skeptical of advertisements.  It's challenging for me to take anything at face value anymore.  Have you ever booked accommodation at hostels, B&B's, hotels or vacation rentals online only to arrive and find out that it’s nothing like what was advertised?  Heavy disappointment ensues.  Similar let-downs can happen when using tourism or surf forecasting websites to find the next stop on your adventure  - things aren't always what they appear!

How can we get a more accurate picture of what to expect before we plan our next step on an adventures AND get it in real-time (besides using a blurry webcam)?

#instagram #hashtags #thenewtravelguide

On a recent trip to Costa Rica I experienced a tech-velation when sorting out travel plans.  We were having a great time surfing in Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula but keen to check out another beach.  I had friends in Pavones and wanted to see them but also wanted to time it right to ensure there were some waves to chomp at.  I opened Instagram to see what others had posted of the area.  It was as easy as:

1. Open Instagram 

2. #pavones


If you know Pavones, which has the second longest left in the country, you can imagine how fast we bolted down the coast.  There were tons of recent photos showcasing perfectly peeling lefts with a luscious rainforest backdrop.  

We were very happy surfers and stayed on an extra week, all the while documenting the trip #using #this #awesome #symbol ####. 

Even through its funky filters Instagram allows us to get a good idea of what things look like and what to expect.  An added bonus: you might notice a friend or someone you've connected with on Instagram in the local area to meet up with. With an average of 70 million photos being uploaded per day, there is a good chance one of them has a hashtag with your destination on it.

Give it a go and #surfyourbrainsout

If you haven't already followed us on Instagram, we are @isurfiyoga

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Stacey Jones

Profile_stacey.jpgMarketer, Writer, Teacher.  Having been a yogi and surfer for over a decade, Stacey decided to attend a surf yoga retreat.  She found it time-consuming sorting out which retreat to attend and who to support with her hard-earned money. From this hatched iSurf iYoga, a website for wave-sliding yoginis to come together to share their journeys and where they can easily find inspiring, sustainable adventures. Other passions: mountain biking, skiing, boarding (all kinds), raw food, turtles, chocolate, Sci-fi and traveling.  She fell in love with traveling on a four month trip to South East Asia on her first adventure 14 years ago. "Just like the experience of surfing the first time, I felt like I came alive."

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