Serendipitous Pairing: International Day of Yoga & Surfing

Jun 29, 2015

If you're all about the Flow, you may have noticed that International Surfing Day, the unofficial day on the summer solstice celebrating surfing and ocean conservation established by Surfing Magazine  and the Surfrider Foundation, was serendipitously joined by the International Day of Yoga - which was officially appointed to June 21st by the United Nations. Radical coincidence? Or perhaps there are a few surfers in the UN who influenced the date (hmmm).

Regardless, it gave me a great excuse to share some fun thoughts about why it wasn't really a surprise to see these two International days getting cozy on the calendar.

Here are two articles I wrote for my favorite online mags:

Elephant Journal, "Destiny of Flow: the International Days of Yoga and Surfing!"

The Inertia, "It's Almost the International Day of Yoga ... and Surfing!"


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