3 reasons I have a Ladywood for music, surfing and yoga

May 13, 2015

It has been a pleasure for me to watch a girl I used to babysit mature into this talented, wise and beautiful woman years later. Not that I had anything to do with it, but it's pretty sweet to see our shared passions transcend the age gap. I'm excited to introduce Hannah to you - who after a long trip down the Americas, surfing, jamming and beginning her yoga teaching journey - has laid her wandering mermaid tail down in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.

Ladywood_Music_Surfing_Yoga_3.jpgHello fellow yoginis, surfistas and surfinis!

My name is Hannah and I’m the co-founder of Ladywood Music, a Canadian music blog that showcases the freshest music. What is a 'Ladywood' you ask? Well my friends, it’s a little dirty…it’s a word my two co-founders, Rachel Mrdeza & Christine Waiand, and I came up with for when a girl gets really excited about something. If you’re still confused its sort of synonymous to when a guy gets “morning wood”…but for girls. The idea for the blog came to us when we were at Coachella, a music festival in California.

ladywood_chicas.jpgAs we were frolicking around, dancing and listening to all the amazing artists, we realized how much music meant to us and how happy it made us. The feeling we got after finding a new artist or discovering a new song was magical, and we wanted to share that feeling with our friends. What started as a small Tumblr blog in 2012, Ladywood has grown to having over 2000 followers online and we’re now playing live DJ sets.

After travelling through South America for a year and reflecting upon my journey, I realized music, yoga and surfing were the common thread that helped weaved my adventure and brought me to where I am today, living the dream in Rio de Janeiro. Now that you understand what having a Ladywood means, I can now share with you the three reasons why I have a Ladywood for music, surfing and yoga.

Music, surfing and yoga bring me into the present moment.

When you’re traveling from country to country and sleeping in different beds every other night, it’s hard to stay grounded. My yoga mat, surfboard and iPod became my foundation, and provided me with a sense of familiarity and a space to call my own. Every time I stepped on to my mat, jumped on to my board, or put my headphones in, it’s like I arrived home.


There was nowhere to get to after that. All my anxieties about the future or regrets about the past vanished. I was fully present. Yoga, surfing and music have this amazing ability to instantly change your mood and create a positive flow of energy, which brings me to my next point.

Ladywood_Music_Surfing_Yoga_9.jpgMusic, surfing and yoga cultivate connection.

Positive energy that gets created after a good surf or yoga session in return attracts more positivity. If it weren’t for music, yoga and surfing, I would not have smiled as much as I did along my journey. Smiling is the universal language of love and became my way of communicating because I couldn’t always converse so well in Spanish or Portuguese. Whether it was sitting around a fire listening to my sister play the ukulele, or saying hi to a stranger while waiting for a set to roll in, or guiding a yoga class for a fellow backpacker; music, surfing and yoga connected me to amazing people on my trip. Yoga and surfing created a common ground and became that bridge of trust that I needed to connect with random strangers throughout my travels.

These strangers have now turned into great friends whom I’ve shared unreal experiences and created everlasting memories with. We all know the cheesy line “it’s all about the journey not the destination”, and for me, the journey means the people you meet. I believe the people you bump into along the way are put on your path for a reason, which brings me to my last point.

Music, surfing and yoga keep me on my toes...
(… twinkle toes, toes on the nose and nose to toes!)

hannah_shaping.jpgThe people I met while travelling became a key component and catalyst to my personal growth. Each encounter provided an opportunity to learn from because different people can bring out different parts of your personality. Like people, music, surfing and yoga are the best teachers and keep me on my toes in the metaphorical and physical sense. I’m always learning and constantly challenged. I can listen to a song, practice a yoga sequence or go surfing over and over again and take away something new each time.

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." For me, music, yoga and surfing help me stay balanced, present and connected.

That is why I have a Ladywood for them! If your looking for new music, please visit us at www.ladywoodmusic.com or enjoy the specially curated playlist I made for iSurf iYoga here:



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Hannah Simmons

hannah_author_profile.jpgHannah grew up in Vancouver, Canada playing soccer, drinking green smoothies and listening to Moby. She followed the footsteps of her hippie parents and studied environmental sciences at McGill University in Montreal. Today, she dabbles in a variety of activities from hummus-making to music managing. She is a part time environmental consultant, working on sustainability and conservation projects. She now lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil after vagabonding around South America for a year. She has a ladywood for BANKS, Chet Faker, Dezarie, ODEZSA and anything that makes her dance.

You can find Hannah on Instagram and at Ladywood Music

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