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Reforestation, Solar Power and Electric Cars

Learn why ISIY supports Eden Projects with our new initiative to plant 33 trees every time we refer you to a retreat, camp or training.

Surf Travel Destination Profile: Sayulita - The Precious Gem

ISIY Ambassador, writer, co-founder of Las Diosas Retreats, and salt gypsy Leah Tisdale shows you around her favorite stomping ground: Sayulita.

Kim Kepich

Kim Kepich is a charger from New Jersey, and likes romping about the globe with her sister and bestie, Jill, riding the best breaks and in general, being a very rad person.

In the Flow with Jamie Wood

'We have all become so “busy” that we have created a universal belief that we simply do not have the time to manage our own stress effectively. I wanted to break down this barrier and put the power back in the individual’s hands. Life is too short.'

Eva Estlander

Eva left the hustle of Finnish city life for the warm waters and friendly waves of Riviera Nayarit, opting instead for a lifestyle that promotes health, balance and a deeper peace of mind. Practicing yoga, surfing and eating fresh tropical food is the …