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3 reasons I have a Ladywood for music, surfing and yoga

Our ladyslider friend Hannah from Ladywood Music teaches us a dirty word and tells us about her connection with music, yoga and surfing.

In the Flow with Jamie Wood

'We have all become so “busy” that we have created a universal belief that we simply do not have the time to manage our own stress effectively. I wanted to break down this barrier and put the power back in the individual’s hands. Life is too short.'

How Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga Helped Me Thrive After Ovarian Cancer

“Yin yoga and yoga nidra have given me structure and permission to slow down and heal. My hope is that my life and this moment, serve not only as an inspiration for change in you and those you love, but as a sign and encouragement to stop, listen, and hon…

The top reason to go on a Surf Yoga Retreat

Flow is the new black. Let us show you why the surf yoga retreat is so popular.

Evolution of a Babanees

"You must learn to accept that you can’t always be who you once were if you intend on achieving greatness. You’ll have to lose things you never expected to lose, but you’ll gain power you never knew you had." We continue to follow our girl Sooz Teel on he…

Surf Sabbatical

Calling all those that are learning to surf or improving their surfing as we follow Sooz Teel on her surf sabbatical in Puerto Rico. Through her 30 Day Surf Challenge, she's learning about commitment in the surf and in life, as well as the importance of g…

Surfing Means Union Too

Jed Pennel (Ganapati) is leading the first ever Surf Yoga Teacher Training for the School Yoga Institute. He gives us a fresh perspective on the connection between surfing and yoga.

In The Flow with Erica Hartnick

Find out how Erica stays in the flow to the make magic happen over on Yoga Trade - a website that connects yoga teachers to work-trade opportunities.

Top 5 Stretches Every Surfer Needs To Be Doing

Hawaii's Blissful Yogini, two seasoned yoga teachers who show us how to loosen up to stay surf fit for years to come.

In the Flow with Cyd Connor

iSurf iYoga Director interviews a rad Surfini named Cyd Connor, who knows how to get in the flow

Keep Calm and Surf Yoga On

Not all stoke comes in the form of heart-racing, fist-pumping glory!