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Reforestation, Solar Power and Electric Cars

Learn why ISIY supports Eden Projects with our new initiative to plant 33 trees every time we refer you to a retreat, camp or training.

The top reason to go on a Surf Yoga Retreat

Flow is the new black. Let us show you why the surf yoga retreat is so popular.

Evolution of a Babanees

"You must learn to accept that you can’t always be who you once were if you intend on achieving greatness. You’ll have to lose things you never expected to lose, but you’ll gain power you never knew you had." We continue to follow our girl Sooz Teel on he…

Surf Sabbatical

Calling all those that are learning to surf or improving their surfing as we follow Sooz Teel on her surf sabbatical in Puerto Rico. Through her 30 Day Surf Challenge, she's learning about commitment in the surf and in life, as well as the importance of g…