Carly Chivers

Canadian Surfini in Nicaragua

Read on to find out why Carly, a sweet and soulful Surfini, inspires all that cross her path. Carly is the other half of a surf - yoga - wellness dream team, called Papaya Wellness, with founder & amiga India Reinartz. These two have created a blissful life and are stoked to share it and bring the same stoke, bliss, fun and adventure to other people’s lives.  They bring all the elements together through yoga, surf, global awareness and gorgeous, infectious positive energy. They are offering incredible retreats in Nicaragua, Bali, Ecuador and beyond.  Both India and Carly slide and glide stylishly in the water and hold a beautiful space for students while teaching a yoga class.

What she said:

What helps you get in the flow?

Connecting with my breath helps bring me into my body and settle me into that state of present moment awareness. Riding the breath. That is step one. From there pretty much all of my hobbies, when I am present get me into that flow state of being.

Definitely surfing, sitting on the water with my feet in the sea in moments of peace, and then when actually riding the wave - that moment is flow at its purest. Everything else drifts away. It is a moment of full connection - moving in harmony with the ocean, gliding on water, with a sense of deep focus and calm.

Practicing yoga and meditation roots me there. Painting. Singing while driving or walking down the beach. But definitely the breath is the first step, becoming aware of the sensations of breathing in my body, feeling the air on my skin, and getting settled into that rhythm.

How do you integrate what is going on when you’re in the flow into your
mind and spirit? Does it stay with you after or is it a fleeting moment?

I think moments of flow build on each other and stay with you always. It is a practice, just like everything else. The more moments you take, slowly connecting and being completely present to what is actually.happening.right. now.... and feeling that, moving in that space freely - the easier it becomes to get back to that space.

carly_chivers_3.jpgWhat does ‘flow’ mean to you?

Flow means to me being full present in my body and in my environment. In that state, I am fully connected and aware. I am able to move naturally and freely, with no mind blocks, no questioning, just pure and organic expression and creativity. That is flow. Getting out of the way of yourself :) and letting the river of life, of joy move through you. A conduit for creativity.

In what environment do you feel your best? 

I feel best next to the ocean, with surf. A warm tropical climate, and a slow and simple pace. A place where no one is in a rush, and everything moves in its own time. Most of the time that suits me just perfectly, and when it doesn’t - I have an amazing opportunity to practice deep patience. Fresh fruit and vegetables abundant, smiles on the street- and soulful music serenades. A place close to nature, with one long road in and out :).  

How has your yoga practise/surfing/travelling changed your perspective in the world? And how has that lifestyle affected the way you move throughout our planet?

The practice of yoga has completely changed me life, and the way I relate in the world. Yoga has taught me to slow down, and feel. To be aware. As I deepen my practice and my levels of awareness within, my relationships to everything around me shift, become more integrated and whole. What a gift to be embodied. Yoga serves as the foundation from where I move- it is a practice that I work on always- always breathing, with awareness.

When I am rooted and centered within myself, I can be of best service to others, to the world around me. That is the goal. How can I best serve you, love you, how can we understand each other better, take care of each other..

The more I travel and explore in the world, the more incredibly grateful I become of this opportunity to be here, to live and share, to love and learn from one another.  The more I travel the more in awe I become of the human spirit and its strength and resilience. Humans have so many different walks of life, opportunities and struggles, and at our core- we are all so heart-breakingly beautiful.


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