India Reinartz

Duck Dive Diva from the PNW

India is a badass combo of powerful surfing, dirt biking, trail-blazing, risk-taking energy. We are very stoked to connect with India and her retreat business, Papaya Wellness in Nicaragua. She works side by side and operates Papaya Wellness with our joint amiga and ISIY ally Carly. Papaya Wellness is a surf yoga retreat dedicated to health, balance, enjoyment and discovery operated mainly out of their second home in Nicaragua. India is the kind of lady slider we’d all like to have as a best friend out in the water, helping us to surf better and have fun while you’re at it. She hails from Vancouver Island, Canada and is well-loved across the globe for good reason: she’s fiery and fun and heads turn at her strong presence in the water. We are stoked to have this amazing woman on our Ambassador team for other aspiring Surfinis to admire!


What she said:

When did you decide to make surfing part of your lifestyle?

I made surfing part of my lifestyle the day I wanted to grow gills and become a fish! I’ve always been a water baby and an athlete.  For me surfing has the perfect balance of fitness fun and being connected to the sea.
Why do you think surfers gravitate to yoga and/or vice versa?

I think surfers gravitate to yoga because they go together like rice and beans, peas and potatoes! They complement each other in so many different ways. Yoga allows the body to build strength and create more flexibility making your surfing power moves more fluid and effective. Yoga allows the mind to slow down bringing awareness to your breathing which is a huge part of surfing.  As surfers we need to be able to keep calm and slow our breathing down especially when getting pummeled under the water,  held down for what can seem like forever.  For these reasons I have integrated yoga as a huge part of my life.  


Your favourite trip and why?

My favorite trip, that’s a hard question. I’ve been on so many crazy, wild adventurous trips. Here’s one...

Last year my best bud and I went to Jamaica on a scouting mission for Papaya Wellness, looking to find that perfect retreat spot. We rented a car in Negril and with no real plan or direction set off on our two week road trip circling Jamaica’s rich coastline and lush jungles. Two buddies, open road and a whole island to explore set the course of one of my favorite travel experience. This story is long and juicy better told sipping a glass of rum but I’ll give you the quick and dirty.


Jamaicans rich culture and energy for life, fantastic flavored foods, reggae music, turquoise waters, abundance of waterfalls, spiced rums, and above all dancehall. Dancing is my second favorite thing besides surfing. The rhythm, the melody and expression through movement is contagious. Get low and let go is the recipe for an all night dance party under the stars!! Definitely one of those standout moments in life.

india_reinhart_3.jpgCraziest travel experience you've had?

Craziest travel experience would probably be my trip to North Africa, spending 6 months in Morocco.
Road tripping down the coast of Morocco, passing through some very remote rural villages.  With only a Surf Riders guide book directing us, exploring every little alcove for untouched surf. We wound up lost at times; we would get turned around and moving backwards. All made for the excitement of the trip but a little nerve-racking at points. 

I had to cover up most of the trip being blonde hair and blue-eyed. The religious practices and culture in Morocco being a majority Muslim made me mindful of my appearance and conscious while being respectful to the culture.  In my experience that was one of the craziest.  

Duck dive into India & Carly's world a little deeper:

Instagram: @papayagals

Facebook: Papayawellness

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