Jill Kepich

Globetrotting Surfini from NJ

Jill is sister & bestie to ISIY Ambassador Kim Kepich. These Surfinis are truly living the dream, globetrotting to some of the best surf breaks in the world as well as building a company based on their passion for surfing and inspiring others; Founders of Surfing the Dream, a surf camp & surf lifestyle brand hailing from New Jersey, they offer surf lessons locally and are currently setting their sights globally for hosting future surf retreats.


Jill chilling with the seals, as you do, in the Gallapagos.

The Quick Guide to Jill K.

Where are you from originally? Millstone Township, New Jersey

Where do you live currently? Jaco, Costa Rica

Favorite style of yoga? Surf yoga!

Favorite place to surf / break / type of wave? My favorite place in the
world is Cloudbreak, Fiji. I love surfing bigger and challenging waves!

Favorite quote or mantra? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


What she said:

When did you decide to make surfing part of your lifestyle?

I think I was 16 years old when I decided to make surfing completely a part of my life. I learned how to surf and started competing at a young age along with my sister. Surfing was one of many sports I loved when I was younger. It was when I turned 16 that I decided that surfing was my passion and committed by time to it 100%. It was at the time I realized that surfing is what makes me happy and I wanted to focus on being happy everyday.

What was your initiation into wave riding?

My initiation into surfing was from being at the beach and in the water every summer at the Jersey Shore. My sister and I grew up 45 minute away from the beach, but we lived with our grandparents in Lavallette, New Jersey in the summers. We were constantly in the water. From tubing behind our boat to boogie boarding in the ocean, we never left the water. When we initially started surfing, my sister fell in love with it immediately. I would always surf and compete along with her when we were young, but it was not until I was 16 when I truly fell in love with the sport of surfing and what it offered.

image2.jpgYour favorite trip and why?

Fiji! Kim and I traveled to Fiji three years together for a surf trip. We scored super fun, uncrowded, Cloudbreak every day and surfed for hours. It was the best trip of my life!

In what environment do you feel your best?

I always feel my best when I am in the ocean. It is the one place I can escape from reality and everyday problems. I am so happy and feel so comfortable every time I am in the water, especially when I am surfing my local break in Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa. Imagine surfing in super warm, pretty blue water every single day with super fun waves. Playa Hermosa is the ultimate surfer’s paradise and I love it there so much!

Your favorite travelling cuisine/tastes you have acquired from travelling and best local dish you have ever had?

I love Costa Rican food! Probably one of the many reasons I live in Costa Rica! My best local dish is the typical Costa Rican dish the casado which consists of chicken, rice, beans, fried plantains, and salad.


Where else can we find you?

Instagram: @jillkepich @surfingthedream_

Facebook: Surfing The Dream

Website: Surfingthedream.com

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