Karina Moore

SUP Yogini from Cali

We met Karina through Instagram early on in our Insta-journey. She is an awesome supporter of ISIY and provides a steady flow of INSPIRATION for us. With daily posts of wise quotes and creative shots of her practicing on her board, it's easy to follow OceanYogi6 around the harbours of Southern California! She's also recently completed a transformational SUP Yoga teacher training with YogAqua. We will be following her on her journey and taking you with us. 

What she said:


When did you decide to make paddleboarding part of your lifestyle?
The ocean has always been a big part of my life.  Growing up in Southern California and Sydney, Australia, I was fortunate to spend time at various gorgeous beaches during my childhood.  Two years ago, I moved back to So Cal beachside when one of my neighbors let me try her SUP board.  I was immediately addicted! What an amazing workout, great way to meet people and be one with the ocean sea animals. I now paddleboard as often as possible. My paddle board currently lives on my car.


Why do you think surfers gravitate to yoga and/or vice versa?
Growing up, I was two things - a swimmer and a gymnast.  Passionate about the ocean, pools and any body of water I could be around has always made me happy.  Years of gymnastics and coaching later translated to an adult yoga practice.  It was two years ago when I found SUP that I received a call from a friend saying "Do you know you can do yoga on a board?"  From that moment on, my life was changed.  I found the most amazing guru who developed SUP Yoga and I've since been certified to teach to deepen my practice.  Combining my love for yoga and ocean is truly my calling that I am so blessed to have.  


What does ‘flow’ mean to you?
Flow to me is when you are able to close your mind to the daily routine of work, money, stress and open your mind to dreams and inspiration. This is most commonly accomplished through meditation or a physical activity. Runners are known to be able to free their mind for miles on end. Personally, I experience it beginning in the morning as I wake up to the sound, smell and sight of the ocean. The waves help relax me, create inspiration and happiness in my daily routine. A vinyasa flow with an extended savasana balances my energy. Through these outlets I can bring myself back to a sense of stability and peace.


Most impressive display of nature you have ever seen?
My most impressive display of nature has just happened in 2015.  The past three weeks, we have had a breathtaking display of humpback whales where I live. I paddle out a mile or two offshore past the seals and dolphins to share the spiritual and humbling experience of seeing these large creatures.  As the boats, kayaks and SUP'ers delicately surround, while giving space, these large animals swim to the surface our hopes of seeing a tail flip, a mouth open or a full breach.  We all hold our breath and gasp each time these creatures show themselves.

Karina_Moore_SUP_dolphins.jpgKarina_Moore_SUP_whales.jpgHow has your practice changed your perspective in the world? And how has that lifestyle affected the way you move throughout our planet?
Each city, state and country I travel to, I find myself researching the local yoga studios and places to rent a board when near a body of water. The physical continuity of both activities in my life no matter what city I'm in is very important. However, the world of yoga and surf/SUP extends beyond the mat and ocean. There is an genuine approachability, care for health, wellbeing, and the environment that we all share. The people that I meet along the way in this journey means the most.  It is an amazing community that we are a part of.


Instagram: oceanyogi6
Facebook: Karina Moore
Twitter: thinkblue6

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