Kim Kepich

Wanderlusting Wavesliding Yogini from NJ

We dream we can surf like Kim Kepich! She's not only an impressive waveslider, but a writer, surf instructor, yogini, world traveller and all-round admirable person. Kim and her sister Jill are founders of a new surf lifestyle / surf camp company called Surfing the Dream. They rip in the waves, dig deep in down dog, globe trot like champs and are world-class role models for young women. We are stoked to introduce these surfinis to the community.


The Quick Guide to Kim K.

Where are you from originally?
    Millstone Twp., New Jersey

Where do you live currently?
    Ortley Beach, New Jersey

Favorite style of yoga?
    Acro-Vinaysa! I love the feeling of flying and practicing yoga with my guy!

Favorite place to surf / break / type of wave?
    I’m obsessed with any long left! My favorites are Chicama in Peru, Cloudbreak in Fiji, & Uluwatu in Bali!

Favorite quote or mantra?
    We are all wanderers on this earth, our hearts are filled with wonder and our souls are deep with dreams – Gypsy proverb

What she said:

Most impressive display of nature you have ever seen?       

image5.jpgThe Maldives are simply gorgeous. This small island chain in the Indian Ocean is the home of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and perfect waves. The walk to the surf is along beautiful blue water next to palm trees and tropical flowers. Every time I looked around I thought I was dreaming.

The Maldives are one of the top honeymoon destinations for good reason. The islands are simply breathtaking and every photo you take is postcard material. The untouched, natural beach landscape is unlike anything I have ever seen. I’m so lucky I got to enjoy beautiful nature while surfing in paradise.

When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone & what was the outcome?

I recently traveled to the Galapagos Islands to teach English. It was my first time traveling completely on my own and I had no idea what to expect once I arrived. My trip to the island of San Cristobal took 3 days and left me mentally exhausted and very homesick. I hated being alone and craved a friendly face on my adventure. I contemplated turning around and flying home countless times but knew I needed to step out of my cozy comfort zone.

Once I arrived at the islands, I was still homesick, I didn’t know anyone, and wouldn’t start teaching for a few days. I sat in my room and cried a lot because I was so lost and lonely. Then a thought hit me. I could sit there and wallow in my misery or use this experience as an opportunity to grow. I was in the Galapagos – a bucket list trip! (and the surf report said there were waves!)

image10.jpgI forced myself out of bed, unpacked my surfboard, threw on some sunscreen, and started walking towards the beach. I didn’t even know where to surf but met some friendly surfers along the way who were more than happy to send me in the right direction.

Once I reached the surf spot, I was greeted with small, peeling waves. I asked a surfer on the beach where to paddle out and made my way into the lineup. I didn’t have the best waves that day but I definitely had one of the best experiences of my life. The lineup was full of giant sea turtles, blue-footed boobies were flying overhead, and I got to share a few waves with sea lions! I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m normally a shy person but I forced myself to talk to the other surfers, and slowly I realized I was making friends. I wasn’t alone anymore, got to learn about the different surf breaks, and made plans to surf again. If I stayed in my room pouting, I would have missed out on this bucket list opportunity.     

Looking back, traveling to the Galapagos alone was the best thing I could have done for myself. I realize that I am more than capable to travel alone and fully enjoy the experience. I learned so much about myself on that trip and I am so thankful I had that opportunity to grow.

Craziest travel experience you’ve ever had?

image2.jpgMy craziest travel adventure was when I went on a surf trip to Taiwan! My sister and I decided to extend our layover on the way to Bali because we heard Taiwan had fun waves. We had no idea what to expect and didn’t do too much research beforehand. When we arrived in Taiwan, we were so surprised by everything. Nobody spoke English and we didn’t know one word of Mandarin. We were so lost and had the toughest time finding the high-speed train to get to the coast.

It seemed we were the only blondes in the country and numerous people stopped to take our photo. The locals were friendly and through very broken English, we were able to find our way to the East Coast where an English-speaking surf guide picked us up.

Throughout all of the culture shock and not speaking the same languages, my sister and I had the best surf trip in Taiwan and scored really fun waves!

How has surfing/yoga/traveling changed your perspective in the world?

The surf and travel lifestyle have given me all of my best memories in life. Through my surf travels, I have seen beautiful places and met incredible, inspiring people. My perspective has shifted throughout the years because of my lifestyle. I realize the importance of not only dreaming, but also living out your dreams. Life is short so it is important to live everyday to the fullest and really enjoy your time on this planet. I don’t want to live with any regrets so I actively try to check adventures off my bucket list.



Where else can we find you?

Instagram: @kimkepich & @surfingthedream_   

Twitter: @surfingthedream



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