Frequently Asked Questions

1. What currency are your prices posted in?

All prices are posted in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.

2. Do the packages listed on iSurf iYoga included flights?

No. ISIY recommends Travelocity for travelers to find the best prices for their trips.

3. Should I bring my own gear?

If not already specified, contact the retreat/camp and ask for a list of things you have to bring (that are not optional).

4. Does iSurf iYoga operate the retreats/camps?

The retreats/camps that we display on this website are not run by iSurf iYoga, however we take pride in sourcing out the best surf and yoga retreats/camps that operate around the globe.  iSurf iYoga is not responsible for anything that happens at the retreat.

5. My partner doesn't want to participate in the same program- can he/she purchase a package without the specified program offering?

Likely this shouldn't be a problem, however please email us directly at so we can find out for you.

6. Can I request a customized package?

Please email to inquire.

7. Do I need any special vaccinations?

Depends on where you are flying to (and where you are flying from). Always check with your personal physician for advice on vaccinations for overseas travel well in advance of your planned trip.

8. Do I need Travel Insurance?

Yes, most travelers need to purchase travel/medical insurance unless you bought your flight using a travel-specific credit card like Visa Avion (check the fine print though to ensure you have full coverage). Look into adventure travel specific insurance. World Nomads provides excellent insurance for travelers and adventure travelers.

9. Can I get laundry done there?

Check with the retreat/camp operator beforehand if this is an issue, typically there are facilities available to do laundry (often at a small fee). If you pack correctly though for a 7 - 10 day trip, you might not need to worry about laundry until you get home!

10. Do I need to bring water sterilization tablets?

Check with the retreat/camp operator if sterile drinking water is available if you are concerned and it's not specified on their listing page.

11. I've never surfed or tried yoga before. Is that OK?

Most of the surfing and yoga packages listed on iSurf iYoga are suitable for beginners unless otherwise specified, however if you are concerned about any particular trip being beginner friendly, don't hesitate to ask us! (email

12. I've had a recent surgery - is that OK?

Consult with your physician before undertaking any form of exercise following any form of surgery.

13. Am I allowed to drink coffee or alcohol during the retreat?

Check with the retreat/camp operator before hand if you are concerned; however you are typically free to drink coffee or alcohol if it is available. If alcohol is consumed you should be aware of the terms and conditions of the individual retreat/camp operator for behaviour and conduct to ensure you are not going to be dismissed early from your trip (what a waste!).

14. What should I pack?

Most retreat/camp operators provide a general list of items to think about packing for your trip, however we’ve compiled a list to help get you started (and excited)!

  • A good book
  • Passport and copy of passport in a separate place for international travel
  • for warm climates: board shorts, casual shorts, bikinis & tank tops
  • any yoga props you can't practice without (many props are provided however just in case)
  • a few changes of yoga clothes because you will be practicing and sweating a lot
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • If you are sensitive to noise: ear plugs (just in case)
  • A journal/diary
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Reusable shopping bag (handy for toting around odds and ends around the retreat center, or getting groceries from a local market)
  • hiking shoes and sandals
  • gifts/souvenirs from your home country you might want to share with locals or your new friends

15. Why can’t you tell me immediately if there is availability at the retreat/camp that I wish to attend?

Most retreat/camp operators do not have "live" availability which means it must be requested by email or phone taking into account the time zone differences. We will nearly always get back to you within 48 hours which gives you time to check for flights!

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